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How long do I charge my battery?

A battery should be charged fully and taken off the charger once it is done charging. The time this takes varies from charger to charger (based off of a chargers amperage) and how large the capacity is on the battery. 

How should I store my batteries?

Lipo batteries take more care than a NiMH battery. It is best practice to store batteries in a LiPo safe bag, you can do this even while they are charging. However if you do not have a LiPo safe bag, keeping the batteries in an area that isn't too hot or too cold is always best. Always keep you batteries in an area where they won't be accendentally punctured or mishandled.

How do I care for a LiPo battery?

A LiPo battery can last a very long time if you take care of it. Here are the basics to LiPo care. If you aren't going to use your lipo for about a week or more, keep it on a storage charge, which would be around 40-50 percent. Never let a LiPo sit for extended periods of time on a full charge, this will damage them. Never run a LiPo battery fully dead, if you run a LiPo until your RC shuts off you could damage the battery or drain the battery to a point where it's not rechargeable. LiPo's cannot run completely dead, once you see your RC bog down, that's when it's time to stop playing with that battery. Unplug your LiPo's from their charger once they are fully charged, don't let them sit idle in the charger. Lastly, NEVER leave your LiPo plugged into your RC. Even though your RC may be turned off, the ESC will continue to passively draw current and will run the battery dead beyond a point of rechargeability. 

What is the difference between LiPo and NiHM?

Lipo batteries have a completely different chemistry and in general they are better batteries. LiPo batteries have a burst rating, allowing them to push power to your RC letting it hit top speed quicker and improving the overal performence to the RC. NiMH batteries can get similar speeds as LiPo batteries, they just need extra time to achieve those speeds. However with a NiMH battery the run-time, overall speed, and performance would be inferior to a LiPo. NiMH's are great for beginners.

Brushed or Brushless?

That completely depends on what you want out of your RC. A brushed RC vehicle will only go around 30Mph at max speed, however, a brushless RC vehicle can push 60+mph. It's a night and day difference in power. The brushless motors are typically more reliable too since they don't have any open holes or ports like brushed motors do in their rear. Dirt could collect in a brushed motor and make it burn out, so maintenance and cleanings are always beneficial for brushed RC's. For most people, brushed is perfectly fine and it is a great starting point especially if you are new to the hobby. Once you get comfortable you can always upgrade to brushless later. But when you hear about brushed or brushless, the biggest difference between the two is the speed.