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Dynam Cessna 188 Orange 1500mm Wingspan - PNP DY37425

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Part Nuber: DY37425

This Dynam airplane is designed according to Cessna 188 real plane  with cool appearance and high simulation for every detail. It was made from EPO composite material  with high stability  excellent recovery  impact-resistant and not easy to break. The 1500mm wingspan provides low wing loading  great lift force  short takeoff distance  long airborne period  and strong wind resistance capability.

What are included:

Dynam Cessna 188 airplane  motor  ESC  6*9g servos

What are required:

6-Channel or above transmitter

6-Channel receiver

14.8V 2200mAh Li-Po 25C battery and charger

1 hour assembly time


Material: EPO Foam

Wing Span: 1270mm (50in)

Flying Weight: 1300g

Wing Loading: N/A     

Fuselage Length: 1005mm (39.6in)

Center of Gravity: 65mm from the wing's leading edge

Motor: Detrum BM3720A-KV650

ESC: TC Skylord 40A ESC

Propeller: 2-Blade Prop

Servo: 6x 9g

Elevator: Yes

Rudder: Yes

Ailerons: Yes

Flaps: Yes

Landing Gear: Fixed

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