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Dynam BF-110 1500mm Wingspan - PNP DY37302

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Part Nuber: DY37302

The twin engine heavy fighter bomber flew for the entire span of the Second World War and was very successful in the early campaigns but suffered when operated in a non-air superiority theatre as this exposed its lack of agility. It was a formidable night fighter and was flown by the top night fighter ace of all time Major Heinz-Wolfgang Schaefer who claimed 121 victories.
Dynam designed and manufactured electronics and finished it with a sublime factory finished paint scheme.

What are included:

Dynam BF-110 airplane  motor  ESC  6*9g servos

What are required:

6-Channel or above transmitter

6-Channel receiver

14.8V 2200mah 25C battery and charger

1 hour assembly time


Material: EPO Foam

Wing Span: 1500mm (59in)

Flying Weight: 1900g

Wing Loading: 54.5g/dm2

Fuselage Length: 1122mm (44.1in)

Center of Gravity: N/A

Moto: Detrum BM3512-KV850

ESC: TC Skylord 40A ESC

Propeller: 3-Blade Scale Prop

Servo: 6x 9g

Elevator: Yes

Rudder: Yes

Ailerons: Yes

Flaps: Yes

Landing Gear: E retract

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