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Dynam Devil 3D 1015mm Wingspan - PNP DY37036

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Part Nuber: DY37036

Dynam Devil 3D 1015mm Wingspan - PNP
This amazing bi-plane from Dynam easily performs just about any 3D and aerobatic maneuvers you can think of! A must have for your Bi-plane collections.

What are included:

Dynam Devil 3D airplane  motor  ESC  2x 9g 2x 17g servos

What are required:

6-Channel or above transmitter

6-Channel receiver

14.8V 2200mAh Li-Po  25C Battery and Charger

1 hour assembly time


Material: EPO Foam

Wing Span: 1016mm(42in)

Flying Weight: 1450g

Wing Loading: 55g/dm²

Fuselage Length: 1130mm(44.5in)

Center of Gravity: 110 - 115mm from the leading edge at the wing root

Motor: Detrum BM3720A-KV650

ESC: TC Skylord 50A ESC

Propeller: 2-Blade Prop

Servo: 2x 9g 2x 17g

Elevator: Yes

Rudder: Yes

Ailerons: Yes

Flaps: No

Landing Gear: Fixed

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