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Arrma Typhon 6S 4WD Buggy Red/Black

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Part Number: ARA106046

Chassis: 0.12' (3mm) thick 6061-T6 aluminum
Drive: Four wheel CVD front  dogbone rear
Differentials: Three  front  center and rear  front and rear filled
with 7 000cst silicone shock oil  and center filled with
100 000cst silicone shock oil
Brushless Motor: BLX4074  2050Kg non sensored brushless with new
sliding mount for easier maintenance
Electronic Speed Control: BLX185 150A w/cooling fan  6.0V/3A
continuous output  12A max  IC5 battery connector (EC5 compatible)
Radio: Spektrum 2.4GHz STX2 2-channel with SRX200 receiver
Steering Servo: ADS-15M waterproof metal gear with 195 oz-in
(15 kg-cm) torque @ 6V and 'never loose' aluminum servo saver
Shocks: Oil filled aluminum body with aluminum caps and protectors
filled with 550cst silicone shock oil  0.16' (4mm) diameter shafts
Shock Towers: Black anodized aluminum 0.16' (4mm) thick
Body: Trimmed and painted with new matte trim scheme
new low-drag wing and upgraded wing mount
Wheels: New Aero design  17mm hex
Tires: Multi terrain dBoots KATAR B  diameter 4.65' (118mm)
Camber: Adjustable rear only  camber refers to the angle of the
tops of the tires from vertical when viewed from front or behind
Caster: Adjustable  caster/toe-in refers to the angle of the front
suspension when viewed from the side of the car in relation to
the chassis
Warranty: Two year limited warranty beginning at date of purchase
RTR Arrma Typhon 6S BLX Speed Buggy w/2.4GHz Radio  Brushless Motor
14T Pinion Gear  ESC  two IC5 Battery Connectors  Rear Wing
extra Pinion Gear  Painted Body  50T Spur Gear  Instruction Manual
LiPo Battery: One 4S or 6S battery with IC5 or EC5 connector  or
two 2S or 3S batteries with IC5 or EC5 connector  Arrma
recommends 35C 5000mAh batteries
Battery Charger: To match selected battery
AA Batteries: Four for transmitter
LiPo charging bag & track equipment
Length: 20.08' (510mm)
Width: 12.2' (310mm)
Height: 7.48' (190mm)
Wheelbase: 12.91' (328mm)
Weight: 7.52lb (3.42kg)
Gear Pitch: 1.0 Mod
Internal Gear Ratio: 3.3:1
Final Drive Ratio: 11.79:1
Final Gear Ratio Range: 13.8 - 7.5
Torque Split: 50/50
Front Spring Rate: 1.09N/mm
Rear Spring Rate: 0.87N/mm
Diff Crown Gear Specification: 43T 0.9m
Diff Pinion Gear Specifications: 13T m
Torque Split: 50/50
Front Spring Rate: 0.75N/mm
Rear Spring Rate: 0.56N/mm
Diff Crown Gear Specification: 43T 0.9m
Diff Pinion Gear Specification: 13T 1m
Wheel Diameter: 3.27' (83mm)

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