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Traxxas Screw Set TRX

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This is the replacement screw set for the Traxxas TRX-1.


All of these screws are made of stainless steel.
Phillips drive insert.
These are all the screws EXCEPT the transmission screws.


3x21mm Flange machine screw (4) 3x24mm Machine screw (2)
3x15mm Flange machine screw (7) 3x10mm Machine screw (10)
3x12mm Flange machine screw (8) 2.6x10mm Machine screw (5)
3x6mm Flange machine screw (2) 3x15mm Flathead machine screw (2)
3x10mm Self tapping screw (10) 3x10mm Flathead machine screw (2)
3x10mm Self tapping flathead screw (4) 3x6mm Collar (2)


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