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Traxxas Bandit Brushed 2WD Electric Black

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This is the 1/10 Electric Powered  2.4GHz Radio Controlled  Ready-to-Run    
                 Traxxas Bandit XL-5 Off-Road Buggy.                          
FEATURES: Chassis: Fiber composite bathtub style .15' (4mm) thick             
          Drive: Rear wheel drive with telescoping driveshafts                
          Motor: Traxxas Titan 12 turn modified  550 size  TRAC3785           
          Radio: Traxxas TQ 2-channel 2.4GHz pistol grip with laydown         
            waterproof steering servo that enhances low CG design  and 3-ch   
            micro receiver                                                    
          Speed Control: Traxxas XL-5 with reverse and training mode and now  
            waterproof for all weather driving                                
          Battery: 7-cell hump NiMH 3000mAh with Traxxas High Current connector
            iD Auto Battery Identification allows Traxxas iD equipped chargers
            to automatically set and optimize charge settings for specific    
          Battery Charger: 4A DC powered peak charger                         
          Shocks: Oil filled ultra shocks with powder coated white springs    
          Gearbox: Sealed                                                     
          Differential: Planetary gear type with hardened steel gears         
          Transmission: Magnum 272 transmission  steel internal gears & Revo  
            spec Torque Control slipper clutch handles brushless motor upgrade
          Slipper Clutch: Revo Spec Torque-Control-adjustable to provide      
            consistent traction control                                       
          Tires: Alias 2.2 racing tires  stepped pin rear and ribbed front    
          Wheels: 2.2' (56mm) Chrome finish Tracer 5-spoke                    
          Body: Traxxas ProGraphix painted body with wing                     
          Bumpers: Front  Black plastic                                       
          Suspension: Fiber composite arms  captured camber links and rod ends
          Camber Tie Rods: Fixed non-adjustable                               
          Steering Tie Rods: Adjustable                                       
          Steering: Bell-crank with laydown servo placement and servo saver   
INCLUDES: Traxxas Bandit XL-5 with Titan 12T motor  radio  7-cell             
           3000mah NiMH hump battery  DC charger  ESC  26 tooth pinion gear   
           31 tooth optional pinion gear  Mirror Chrome wheels  76 spur gear  
           instructions  wrenches  aftermarket servo adapters  pre-load       
           spacers & shock pistons  battery pad  replacement screws  body     
           clips and washers                                                  
REQUIRES: Radio Batteries: (4) AA size                                        
          Misc. Items: Building and track equipment

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